Do you outsource work?

Never! I complete and deliver every order I receive.

Do you use grammar-correcting software, such as Grammarly?

Never. I am a professional editor and have trained and worked in this field for over ten years. There are some hard and fast rules with editing, but there is also a lot of subjectivity. My focus is to make the text as smooth as possible. If it is fiction, this means keeping the reader in the story and in the world you, as the author, have created. An awkwardly phrased sentence will pull a reader out and break the flow. All that to say, my editing style is one that places readability above being a grammar Nazi. (However, I do use spell check at the very end to catch any extra character spaces I may have missed!)

What is the difference between proofreading and in-depth editing?

Proofreading involves catching errors. The in-depth editing service includes this, plus improving readability (a sentence may be technically correct but sounds awkwardI will fix these with the in-depth service). I will also offer suggestions for overall improvement when necessary.

Will my document be ready for publishing after you are done with it?

That depends. A full-length novel typical goes through a few rounds of editing before it is ready to publish. Depending on where yours is in the process (am I the first person to look it over?), it may require another round of editing.

What files do you accept? Can I send you a Pages file?

My computer cannot open Pages. Word files are best (.doc or .docx), but I can also accept .odt files.

Do you ever edit in Google docs?

Sure. You will need to make sure your document is public so I can gain access. You will also need to turn on the editing feature, so it will track my changes, allowing you to see what I do to improve your document. I will not edit large projects in Google docs, because there is a bit of delay within the program, making the work far more tedious on my end.

What is your typical turnaround time?

It depends. Smaller projects (under 3K words) are usually returned within 3 days. Larger ones depend on the length. A 100K-word proofreading project will typically take me 4 weeks. Be sure to message me for a custom order if you have a set deadline. I am flexible and can usually accommodate.

Do you format the document?

No. I don’t offer any formatting services, such as font selection and size, paragraph spacing, etc.

Will you create content? I’d like to increase my word count.

I don’t offer content creation services, but I am happy to take what you have and make it better (improve readability).

How about references? Will you format my reference page and make sure all the links are correct?

This is not a service I provide. Please make sure all your links work and your reference section matches whatever style guide you choose to follow.

I’m not a native English speaker. What service should I select?

In-depth editing! This includes catching errors and improving readability (smoothing out awkward sentence structure, etc.).

Do you make big changes? Will you be moving my paragraphs around?

No. I don’t do any drastic changes, nor do I rearrange paragraphs. If I feel a major change would benefit the text, I will simply add a comment to the document and give you a suggestion to consider.

Will you simply point out my mistakes or do you actually fix them?

I make changes using the track changes feature in Word. This allows you to see my changes easily in the track file. I will also deliver a final clean version, which has all the changes accepted.

Why should I choose you as my editor?

That is easy: because I love what I do! You will not only be hiring a professional editor (I have over 3500 5-star reviews from my online platform), but you will also be hiring someone who enjoys this kind of work immensely and will truly put thought, time, and effort into your project.

Have a project? Send me the details. 

Include the word count and the service you prefer: in-depth editing or basic proofreading. If you have a strict deadline you are working in, please include that as well. I’ll message you back with pricing and a delivery date.