About Nancy

I enjoy any project, big or small. I have proofread and edited everything from websites, blog posts, and academic papers to e-books, full-length novels, and scripts. I am happy to do straightforward proofreading, catching errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. I also enjoy in-depth editing, where I improve readability, restructure sentences when necessary, and offer suggestions/feedback to improve flow, logic, etc.

I’m Nancy Haight

I began teaching high school English and ESL in 2002. I worked at a boarding school and my beloved students came from all over the globe. After teaching, I dove into the world of professional editing. For five years, I worked as the managing editor for an international childbirth magazine. In 2014, I worked as an ebook proofer for a major Christian publishing house, but then I realized spending hours inside a large building and editing inside a tiny cubicle was not for me. In 2014, I started branching out and offering freelance services.

It probably comes as no surprise that I love to read and write. When I am not spotting errors or enjoying a book, I breathe in the fresh air of the Pacific Northwest, where I live with my two daughters, backyard chickens, and our Havanese pup named Dottie. Rainy days, green grass, and fresh eggs are common joys in my world.

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“I’ve been trained in this field and have worked for magazines and publishing houses. You will be hiring a true professional. Plus, I sincerely love what I do!”

My Experience

I have completed over 6,000 projects, many of which were full-length novels and ebooks of various genres (self-help, health, business, cooking, spirituality, etc.). I work from home, at coffee houses, and even during my daughters’ ballet and gymnastics classes (no more tiny cubicles for me!).

I love what I do! You will not only be hiring a professional editor (I have over 3500 five-star reviews), but you will also be hiring someone who enjoys this kind of work immensely and will truly put thought, time, and effort into your project.

  • Proofreading
  • In-Depth Editing
  • Grammar & Spelling
  • Writing Structure

Have a project? Send me the details. 

Include the word count and the service you prefer: in-depth editing or basic proofreading. If you have a strict deadline you are working in, please include that as well. I’ll message you back with pricing and a delivery date.