Monthly Subscription Copy Editing Services

Get high-quality copy editing services for all your projects for one low monthly fee. Plans start at 4000 words per month for $75/month. Use your word allowance for social posts, blogs, web content, documents, correspondence, and more. With this service, you will have me at your beck and call. Just email me a project, and I will make sure the turnaround time meets your needs.

Copy Editing for Bloggers

Have you ever heard the saying, “You shouldn’t edit what you write”? This is especially true for blogs. Blogs are normally written by someone with a great deal of passion about whatever topic they are writing about, and it is very hard for someone who writes from the heart to catch their own mistakes. My monthly subscription for copy editing services are perfect for bloggers!

Company Documents

Any document your organization uses regularly to manage internal processes or business relationships should be edited so it is correct the first time and not subject to endless revision cycles. Examples include employee handbooks, HR paperwork, applications, contracts/agreements, and proposal templates. It’s a good idea to have a second, objective set of eyes on them.

Editor Nancy has to be as good as it gets. I used to think that if I wanted it done right, I had to do it myself. Now, if I want it done right, I just send it to Nancy. Couldn’t be any easier.

John, Fiverr 5-Star Review

Nancy is the best. She edits and improves blogs, website content, contracts, and more for us and dozens of our clients. She's a wonder!

Deanna Rivera, CEO @ UplinkSpyder

editing services for luxury web subscriptions

Have a project? Send me the details. 

Include the word count and the service you prefer: in-depth editing or basic proofreading. If you have a strict deadline you are working in, please include that as well. I’ll message you back with pricing and a delivery date.